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psychologist D. Pylarinou

Get to Know Me

Hi, I’m a psychologist and artist. For my little girl, I’m just a mom. I founded Creative (Behavioral) Change and Personal Development Center in order to educate you on techniques that can help you think and act in more helpful ways. I'm passionate about finding ways to help people discover personal values and live meaningful lives. In my work, I draw on a variety of evidence-based strategies and techniques, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The use of various Art techniques is also very common. 

I am especially interested in working with young adults, looking forward to their personal growth and progress, and eventually leading to the path where my services are no longer needed.

My experience drives from work at university, hospitals, institutes, art expression groups, research programs, and private practice. Based on the variety of settings I have worked in, I have gained experience in helping individuals with a wide range of life and psychological difficulties (including sadness, anxiety, relationship issues, managing life transitions, grief and loss, panic attack, and life-related stresses). In addition to the professional experience, like many of us, I also have a lot of life experience.

I studied philosophy and psychology, I'm a licensed psychologist and have a master's degree in Social Psychology of Conflict at Panteion University in Athens. I am committed to learning and self-development so that I can consistently achieve better results. I speak Greek, Serbian, and English

My keywords are creative, dynamic, sensitive, balanced, good sense of humor

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